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Different Treats For Dogs

When it comes to training your dog there are lots of different things you can use as treats. Or if you simply want to reward and treat your dog you can get lots of delicious dog treats for them. Dog behaviourists and trainers use a wide range of different treats to get results, but what you choose really does depend on what works for your dog. You can try using human food such as cheese and meat, or you can stock up on some dry kibble Dog Treats. Some dogs naturally prefer some treats over others and will be much more motivated to carry out obedience in order to get a particular reward. Here are some of the options available to you and your dog.


Most dogs absolutely love cheese and it is very useful as a training treat because of its strong smell. If you do use cheese then only use very tiny amounts, as it can be very fattening for your dog. Don’t use it too often and keep it as a special reward for your dog, or when you need them to really concentrate.

Dry Kibble

You can get lots of different types of dry kibble including Bakers dog treats, Good Boy Deli Treats and Burns Dog Treats. Try different brands to see which ones your dog likes the best, but remember to check the ingredients to determine the health credentials of your chosen treats.


What better treat than a piece of tasty beef or chicken? Dogs will work hard for meat and really love you for giving it to them. Meat is good as a high reward treat, for when your dog does something extra special. Using meat as a treat can get quite expensive so consider mixing it up with dry kibble.

Hide Chews

Hide chews are excellent for your dogs teeth, and they will keep your pup occupied for a few minutes. They also help to prevent plaque, keeping your dogs teeth healthier for longer. Most dogs love hide chews and will work really hard to get one.

Dog Biscuits

Treat your dog to the occasional dog biscuits such as Bonio dog biscuits. Try to not give them dog biscuits too often as they are mainly cereal based, this will not fill up your dog and could lead to them getting overweight.


It has to be said, tripe does have a very nasty smell but your dog will go mad for it. They love the taste of this nutritious snack that has many beneficial properties. Tripe is made from the stomach lining of various farm animals. If you can put up with the smell then it is an excellent treat for your dog.


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