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Did You Know….? Fun Pet Facts!

We all love our pets dearly, but there are some very interesting things about them that most people do not know. We have chosen our 10 favourite pet facts to share with you - how many of the following did you already know? and let us know or post on our !

  • Dogs only sweat from the pads on their feet – the only other way they can cool down is by panting
  • A cat will almost never meow at another cat as it is a sound they usually only use for humans.
  • Dogs are mentioned in the bible 14 times
  • The temperature in the room your hamster lives in could determine which gender of babies it has. Hotter = boys and cooler = girls.
  • Ferrets were domesticated 500 years before house cats were.
  • Dogs can be identified by their nose print, just like a human could with its finger print.
  • 70% of people sign their pets name on greeting cards
  • Goldfish lose their colour if you keep them in dim light. Similar to humans they need sunlight to keep their pigment.
  • Horses cannot breathe through their mouths or vomit.
  • A ferret makes clucking noises when excited known as "dooks"

Do you have any cool pet facts? Make sure you leave a comment and share them with us below :)


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