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Designer Breeds Are Causing Issues with Rehoming

Animal shelters up and down the country are always full of cats and dogs looking for new homes. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to rehome many of these animals due to the trend for designer pets. Mixed breed dogs and moggies have fallen out of favour and animal shelters are also losing out to online pet sales.

Happiness Starts at Battersea

In response to these issues Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is launching a new campaign to highlight the benefits of rehoming. Their autumn campaign is called 'Happiness starts at Battersea' and it has been put together by creative agency Karmarama and media shop Manning Gottlieb OMD. The charity will also boost its media spend in 2018.

Battersea’s rehoming drive will be spearheaded by the television series Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs. You can expect much tugging on your heartstrings!

Designer Doggies and Online Sales

Lauren Rayner, head of digital at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, has explained that the rehoming environment is particularly challenging right now due to the "proliferation of online pet sales and increased demand for designer breeds".

The sharing economy and the trend for peer to peer sales is ensuring that more and more people feel comfortable with buying an animal online. In addition, Instagram is promoting the glamour associated with the so-called designer breeds.

Rehoming is the Way Forward

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has asked its new media agencies to design a campaign which dispels the myths which surround rescue animals and to promote the advantages of rehoming over purchasing a pet online. The need for forever homes means that it is imperative to encourage more people to consider getting their pet from a shelter rather than buying online. Those in the market for a new pet will be targeted and Battersea will begin using programmatic advertising for the first time.

For the uninitiated, programmatic advertising is the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process involving human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

Battersea Online

Battersea is also investing in its online customer experience. Potential clients will now be able to register their interest online. Registration previously had to be done by post. This process will enable the charity to link up more potential new owners with the right pets.

If you have ever rehomed an animal you will be familiar with the potential benefits which are many and various. You will always have a wonderful array of furry friends to choose from and there will probably be a shelter close to your home. You can meet your prospective pet to see if you are able to bond with them and their personality traits will already have become apparent. Your pet will have been house trained and the shelter will be able to team you up with an animal that suits your household and lifestyle. Your chosen pet will have been neutered, checked by a vet and microchipped.

It’s definitely time that adopting became cool again! Battersea Dogs and Cats home is clearly doing everything that it can to promote the benefits of rehoming.


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