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Is a Dalmatian the Right Breed for You?

You probably know what a Dalmatian looks like, after all they are hard to miss! This large breed with a spotted coat originated in Croatia and possesses buckets of infectious charm. These friendly and gregarious dogs have instant appeal but is a Dalmatian a good choice for you and your family?

Gorgeous but Demanding

There is no denying that Dalmatians are simply gorgeous but they are also demanding dogs to own. Originally bred to run alongside carriages, they boast exceptional stamina and bags of energy. This means that they are unsuited to a sedentary lifestyle and need oodles of exercise.

Marathon Runners

Indeed it is almost impossible to run the puff out of a Dalmatian and so they are great choice if you are looking for a companion to join you on your marathon training runs! They are extremely boisterous and playful and will wow you with their easy going nature and loyalty. But they need that exercise and continual company and so this is not the right dog if you are out all day or prefer to spend you leisure time on the sofa!

Dalmatians and Young Children

If Dalmatians don’t get enough exercise they will become increasingly excitable. Young children can find them intimidating and their boisterousness can make you feel like you have been struck by a tornado or have acquired a toddler with a bad case of the terrible twos. On the other hand if you are hyperactive yourself and are always itching to be on the move then you couldn’t find a better furry friend.

A Firm Hand

Dalmatians are relatively intelligent dogs but they need firm leadership if they are to be successfully trained. They can be a little stubborn but if you put your foot down you can achieve impressive results. They make for good watchdogs but only when you have trained them to stay in one place for long enough!

Dalmatian Puppies

Particularly energetic as youngsters, many Dalmatians are given up for adoption within their first year by owners who simply cannot cope with them. They do calm down a bit as they age but you must to have the drive and the patience to survive the early months together with the authoritative approach to impose your will on the dog.

The Dalmatian Coat

You should also be aware that Dalmatians’ coats are dense and shed copiously throughout the year. The hairs are short and stiff and so easily weave their way into carpets and upholstery. If you are very house proud then this will quickly drive you crazy! The good news is that these dogs do not smell and tend to stay clean so you won’t have to spend a fortune on grooming.

Dalmatian Health

The breed is prone to deafness with roughly 10% of the dogs being born deaf. They are also prone to urinary stones due to high levels of uric acid and can suffer from skin allergies.


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