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Criteria For Getting A Rescue Dog - Questions The Rescue Centre Will Ask

Rescue centres have certain procedures to follow when they are rehoming a dog. They want to make sure that their rescue dog goes to the most suitable owner, and that new owner has the ability to give the dog what it needs. Before you head down to your local rescue centre, consider some of the points below. The last thing you want to do is go and see a dog, fall in love with it and realise you can’t take it home. Here are some questions that the rescue centre will probably ask you.

What Type Of Dog Are Your Looking For?

You need to have a good idea about the type of dog you are looking for, as this will help the rescue centre to find you a good match. Try and keep an open mind when it comes to breeds, because you might find a very suitable dog at the shelter that may not be the breed you expected. Think about the size of d

og you want, what sort of coat you would like them to have, what age of dog you are looking for and the type of temperament you would prefer. For example, do you want a docile, gentle dog or an energetic, active dog?

Do You Have An Enclosed Garden?

Most rescue centres will expect you to have an enclosed garden. When you bring a new dog home it’s important that they can run around in a garden without escaping. Some breeds of dogs such as huskies need taller fences as they can jump very high.

At Home For Most Of The Day?

If you want to adopt a rescue dog then you will need to be at home for most of the day, or have someone who can look after your dog. If you work full time and will be out of the house Monday to Friday it’s unlikely that you will be allowed to get a rescue dog. It’s not fair on the dog if they are going to be left on their own for long periods.

Do You Have Previous Experience With The Breed?

For some more difficult and challenging breeds of dog the rescue centre might request an owner that is experienced with the breed. Some breeds are not suitable for first time owners and require more training and patience.

Do You Have Children? What Ages?

The rescue centre will ask if you have children, and if so what ages they are. This is because some bigger and most boisterous dogs are not suitable for young children. They could knock them over and some nervous dogs are best off being rehomed with older people.

What Age Of Dog Are You Looking For?

Do you want a fairly young dog? You can get puppies from some rescue centres although they do tend to get snapped up very quickly. Don’t dismiss getting an older dog though, they are often easy to look after and make wonderful companions.

Are You Going On Holiday?

It’s not a good idea to adopt a rescue dog if you are planning on going on holiday soon. Your new dog will need to settle in and leaving them early on will not help. The rescue centre will probably ask if you are going on holiday in the near future. Just wait until after you get back and you can get cracking with the adoption process.


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