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Creature Comforts: Are Dogs Better Company Than Humans?

have compiled a study-based list that suggests our four-legged friends are better company than humans. Do you agree? We let them battle it out to see who is the paw-fect partner!

  1. 95% of dog owners would rather spend the night at home cuddling with their dog than on a blind date - hmm … tearful tales of the ex, strange habits, uncomfortable silences, or mutual affection and cuddles with a fur-lined bundle of fabulousness who will share your pup-corn and pillow?

Verdict: It’s love actually, so Round 1 goes to our beloved canine companions.

  1. 87% of pet parents would get their pet a Valentine’s Day gift - we really don’t need an excuse to shower our little puggle peeps with squidgy loving and all that hearts and kisses stuff that the man in your life might forget, do we, Mummy? You just know that your kindness will be lapped up by your devoted hound, something that you cannot guarantee with your human!

Verdict: Chocolate and roses are no match for the look you get when you give your four-legged little pookie their gift-wrapped gravy bone. Round 2 is a walk in the park for the woofers.

  1. 85% of pet parents are more likely to “swipe right” on a photo that included a dog - we are all a sucker for a pretty face and on dating app Tinder, it seems that a cutesy picture of you and your mutt clowning around, shows you to be caring, responsible and sensitive to other pet parents seeking love. Puppy-holding scores even higher on the “I’m hot!’ scale. So, whether French bulldog or Dalmatian, plant your yapper in front of a snapper and watch those matches roll in.

Verdict: No doubt who wins the furred round.

  1. Almost 70% of participants admitted that they would sacrifice alone time with their significant others for their pets - ok, choice time: put up with your partner explaining why the dishwasher isn’t working, or instead, go for a bracing run along a windswept beach with your dog? What could be better than some quiet time with just a favourite book and your faithful furball for company?

Verdict: You’d be barking mad to miss out on canine cuddles, so pass that bookmark!

  1. Seconds out, final round … 56% of pet parents prefer to share the bed with their pet AND their partners, rather than just their partners - no need for a hot water bottle, as a dog’s higher temperature provides a great heat source to our chilly night-time toes. Our slobbery snoozers also give us a feeling of safety; knowing that we have a four-legged bodyguard on the duvet helps us to drift off into dreamland.

Verdict: Whilst not always suitable for those with allergies, the comforting presence of a dog on the bed can aid insomnia and stress.

Raise the woof for our precious pooches - our favourite, loyal companions!


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