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Creating the Perfect Environment for your Kitty.

Not all cats like to spend their time running about hunting for small rodents and climbing trees that they then cannot get out of, though plenty of them do! In fact, many cats, particularly those of a certain age tend to prefer to spend their time indoors, close to their food and the fuss and attention they receive on behalf of us humans. However, just because a cat no longer likes to venture outdoors for whatever reason, this doesn't necessarily mean that they will behave in a manner which appeals to that environment. As we all know, kitties have a tendency to scratch, but what they scratch is entirely down to us. If we don't want our furniture to be ripped to shreds, and let's face it, none of us do, then we need to allow our pets to scratch away until their hearts are content in the appropriate place which is why a scratching post is the perfect addition to any home which contains a claw-wielding cat.

There are many different styles and designs of cat scratching posts on offer these days and every single one of these wonderfully simple pieces of equipment could see the life-span of your furniture vastly increased. Here at Time for Paws, we offer a large selection of these accessories from the classic post to smaller, more subtle scratching options for your beloved cats. Some of our designs even incorporate extra features which will allow your cat to get out that little bit of extra giddiness as they scratch, allowing for a much safer environment for your sofas and bed corners.

Even cats which spend much of their time outdoors can benefit from having a scratching post incorporated into their lives so, think about not only your pets, but yourselves because you owe it to your furnishings as much as you owe it to your furry little companions. To sample our full range of scratching posts and cat accessories, why not take a gander at our website for more information and details on the specifications of each of our cat based goods.


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