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Crazy Outfits for Pets

A recent trip to the beach got me wondering if there are life jackets available for dogs. I hadn’t given the subject a moment’s thought before that day but, of course, there are life jackets for dogs as many pooches spend time on their owners’ boats. Dogs can also benefit from a wide variety of coats in bad weather but what about the other crazy outfits that people deem fit to dress their pets in?

Feline Samurai Warriors

I was shocked to read about a new range of samurai armour for cats and dogs. A Japanese company has produced a range of the costumes in different sizes and colours. You can transform your pet into a brave warrior in an instant. The outfits are fashioned from leather for comfort and are handmade. You can even invest in a custom model if the standard sizes don’t fit!

I am not a huge fan of the trend for dressing up animals. I appreciate that the resulting pictures and videos are fabulously funny, at least for us humans, but I don’t believe that the animals appreciate the indignity! I am absolutely sure that my own cat would turn into something much more aggressive than the average Samurai warrior if I got anywhere near him with one of those swanky leather costumes! He won’t even tolerate a collar!

Reptilian Fashion

But the award for the most ridiculous pet outfit must go to a young lady called Lillygator and her pink tutu. This poor creature not only sports the world’s most preposterous outfit, she is also the most ridiculous pet on the planet! Lillygator is an American alligator! She is already over four feet long and could triple in size by the time she is fully grown.

Her owner, Angela Lance of Pennsylvania, has even invested in a tiara for the reptile and gives her pet manicures. She paints Lillygator’s nails and treats her to foot massages. Apparently, this makes the gator seem less intimidating! Ms Lance claims that her pet enjoys the pampering and, in her defence, she uses the resulting pictures to make postcards and keychains which are sold to support alligator rescue organisations.

Lillygator gets to go on walks but only on a leash and Ms Lance takes precautions to ensure that her little treasure doesn’t bite any passers-by. She doesn’t want her snappy dresser to become, well, snappy! She also cleans her teeth regularly!

Surprisingly it is perfectly legal to keep an Alligator in Pennsylvania.

Occasional Wardrobe

It’s OK to dress up pets occasionally as long as they are clearly happy to wear their costumes but it seems unfair to subject animals to silly get-ups on a regular basis. I am sure that cats do not enjoy wearing Samurai armour and I can’t imagine that the average alligator is overly keen on a ballet tutu. One hopes that Lillygator doesn’t decide to rebel against her owner because a fifteen foot alligator in a rage makes a Samurai Warrior look rather tame.


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