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Couple Transform Garden into Bunny Paradise

A Warwickshire couple have spent thousands turning their Stratford-upon-Avon garden into a bunny kingdom for their 30 rabbits. Emma Hartshorne and Wayne Kenward have created an Alice in Wonderland themed play park for their pets which includes a treehouse, complete with a bar, and a maze shaped like a giant rabbit!

Recycled Materials

The rabbits unsurprisingly adore their amazing home which affords them plenty of room to run about without getting on top of each other. The couple built almost everything themselves using mainly recycled materials. Most of these materials were already in their possession and so they were able to keep costs to a minimum. The only element of the garden that the couple did not build was the special fencing that they have had installed to keep predators out.

Rescue Rabbits Find Amazing New Home

Many of the rabbits are rescue animals and they have really fallen on their feet! Four rabbits live indoors with their owners but the rest have a wonderfully stimulating garden to enjoy. Once the animals have settled, their individual personalities begin to emerge. The couple spend as much time as they can interacting with the rabbits in order to gain their trust.

Caring for Rabbits

Emma and Wayne have been keen to point out that you don’t need to launch on quite such an extravagant project in order to care for your rabbits! A pair of bunnies does not require a huge amount of space and it is possible to create a stimulating environment for them and the shelter they need in even the smallest garden. 30 rabbits require a significant area in which to live!

Emma and Wayne want to rescue as many rabbits as they can. They have recently taken in no less than 8 rabbits from a local charity. These particular rabbits had not been the victims of cruelty but had not enjoyed the benefit of the space and attention that they really needed.

Weekly Chores

Emma has reported that it takes about 15 minutes each day to clean out her rabbits’ hutches. Once each week she jet-washes the garden so the rabbits have clean grass to eat. This takes around 3 hours. She also spends time with new arrivals helping them to feel comfortable and to settle in. new rabbits can display aggressive behaviour initially because they are feeling nervous and grumpy. The time that Emma spends with the rabbits can change all that.

Abandoned Rabbits

Far too many rabbits are abandoned every year. Many of these animals have been purchased on a whim by inexperienced owners who haven’t realised how much work is involved in caring for them. Many new owners are also unaware of the potential costs of food, bedding, equipment and veterinary care. It pays to do your homework before taking on any pet.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every rabbit could have an Alice in Wonderland themed garden built especially for them? What special features have you created for your rabbits?


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