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Coping with bad smelling dogs

bad smelling dogs

All dogs have a distinctive smell and it would be impossible to completely get rid of this, however when a dog's smell becomes unpleasant and overpowering then it becomes a problem and needs to be addressed. The best approach is to find the cause of the problem, rather than just try and cover it up.

Medical factors should be eliminated first. Most common for causing smells being infections in the ears or on the skin. Ensure dogs ears are cleaned gently but thoroughly and regularly. Skin irritations could be an allergic reaction so check the Dog Shampoo you have been using or the detergent you have been washing his or her blanket and towels in. Dental problems can also cause extremely bad odours. It is difficult to clean some dog's teeth, however there are plenty of Dentastix dog teeth cleaning chews and products available to use. The most common cause of bad smells in a dog is the impact of anal glands. Anal glands are used for marking territory, but if they become impacted can cause very strong bad odours. A course of antibiotics is often needed to rectify this problem. For all suspected medical issues it is vital to get a veterinary surgeon's advice.

Flatulence is also a very common problem in dogs and this can often produce a very unpleasant smell. In most cases this can be rectified by monitoring their diet. There may be a certain type of food, whether that is a flavour or brand, that has a worse effect than another. Try changing their Dog Food or reducing certain elements of their diet. There are so many varieties of dog pet food available, as well as making them some homemade meals that a solution should be able to be found fairly easily.

To prevent bad smells coming from your dog, ensure they are cared for and groomed properly. They should be bathed regularly in specific mild dog shampoo and their coat brushed regularly. Ensure regular vet checks and keep all fleas, worming and injections up to date. Dental products should be used weekly at a minimum. Also make sure that their bedding, towels and any other fabrics or surfaces they come into contact with regularly are also kept clean or washed on a regular basis.


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