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Consider Your Dog On Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and as you begin to make preparations, it’s important you consider your dog. Dog owners often don’t realise that Halloween can be quite stressful for some dogs. The things we think are normal for Halloween might seem overwhelming for your dog.

For example, you will have strange people knocking on your door throughout the night. The door knocking constantly can really agitate some dogs, especially those who are protective of their home.

If you are going to open the door to people, and your dog is nervous of new people or barks when people come to the house, you might want to keep them out of the way. If you are having a party, then this could also be stressful for your dog. Having lots of people come over to their home is quite daunting. Consider your dog and keep them in a separate room or drop them off at a dog sitter for the evening if you think they will be happier there.

Be mindful of any loud noises on Halloween such as fireworks or when you are trying to scare each other. You might enjoy playing spooky pranks but it could terrify your dog, as they won’t understand what is going on.

You should also think about the food you have out on Halloween. Sweets and chocolate, which are often given to trick or treaters can be very harmful to your dog. Keep all Halloween food out of reach. If you are putting Halloween accessories out around your home, remember that some decorations could be hazardous to your dog.

If you plan on going out for the evening to a party or Halloween themed event, think twice about leaving your dog home alone. They will have to deal with the doorbell constantly ringing and scary sounds such as fireworks. If you are going out for a long time on Halloween you might want to have someone round to look after your dog.Halloween can be a really fun night, but it’s important to take your dog’s needs into consideration. Remove all hazards from their reach and be mindful of things that might spook them.

Some dogs won’t be bothered at all, in which case it’s fine to involve them in the festivities. However, some more sensitive and anxious dogs might find Halloween a struggle. You might also want to buy your dog some tasty , chews and to keep them distracted on Halloween. It can also help to create a safe place where they can go and relax, such as in their or in a comfy crate .


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