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Consider A Rescue Cat Over A Kitten

If you are thinking about getting a new cat then make sure you at least consider getting a rescue cat. There are thousands of cats around the UK in rescue shelters that desperately need a home. They are waiting for their forever home and hoping someone will be kind enough to take them home.

If you are desperate for a kitten then you can still help out. Many rescue centres have kittens that need to be adopted. You can also get a younger cat if you prefer that’s between one and three years of age. Just tell the rescue centre what sort of cat you are looking for and they will help you find a suitable match.

Every year, especially from spring to late autumn lots of kittens end up at rescue centres. This is sometimes because they get picked up as strays but a lot of the time owners that have not had their pet neutered end up with unwanted kittens.

It is important not to completely rule out an older cat. Older cats can make excellent companions and are far less demanding than kittens or younger cats. They are also less of a commitment and don’t need to be house trained. You get the love and company without all the hard work.

If you are willing to put in a little more time and effort then you should consider helping a cat that is harder to home. Some cats are more difficult to rehome because they are disabled, nervous or particularly old. This doesn’t mean they won’t make wonderful pets with a little patience and support. Rescue centres will give you advice and help you through the process of getting your new rescue cat to settle in.

Black cats also tend to be harder to re home because there are so many of them. They often get overlooked because people want cats with more colourful coats. Remember that a cat's temperament and personality is far more important than the way it looks. Your main concern should be finding a cat that fits your family and lifestyle.

Don’t buy a kitten, give a rescue cat a second chance. If you want to find a rescue cat this website has information on different shelters and a list of cats that need a home.

If you do decide to get an older cat, we have a great range of on our website.


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