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Common Things Dog Owners Forget To Do

Dog owners have a responsibility to provide basic care for their dogs. Most dog owners know what is expected of them, but occasionally still forget to do things for their dog. There are a fair few things you have to remember to do, so it’s probably worth writing a list and putting reminders in your diary. For example, make a note of when your dog’s vaccinations are due. Here are some common things that dog owners often forget to do.

Cut their dog’s nails

Dogs need their nails trimmed regularly so they don’t get too long and cause discomfort or injury. You can do this yourself by purchasing a pair of , or if you don’t feel comfortable you can ask a dog groomer to do it for you. If your dog won’t tolerate having their nails clipped don’t just leave them as they are, you may need to have them sedated at the vets in order to be able to do it. The fact that they don’t like it is not an excuse to avoid having it done completely.

Groom their dog

Some dogs need on a regular basis. If they are not brushed and trimmed regularly their coat can become very matted which is extremely uncomfortable for them. Sometimes dog owners don’t brush their dog as often as they should. Then when they go to the groomers they have to have all their hair shaved off to get the matts out. This results in unnecessary suffering so it’s important to make sure you remember to groom your dog regularly or take them to the groomers.

Clean their dog’s ears

Dogs need to have their ears cleaned and checked for infections on a regular basis. If they don’t have their ears cleaned regularly infections can go unnoticed but also get a lot worse than they should. If your dog’s ears look really sore do not attempt to clean them, take them to your vet to get treatment and ask for advice. Try and clean your dog’s ears regularly with an

Worming and flea treatment

It’s important to give your dog flea and Dog worming treatment to prevent your dog getting parasites. If you forget to give them their or then they could be at risk. Make a note of when you give them their treatment and make sure you stock up well in advance.

Provide enough exercise

Dogs need daily exercise, how much they need depends on their breed, age and size. Some dog owners neglect to walk their dog enough because they claim they are too busy or don’t have time. You need to make sure your dog gets enough daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Don’t make your dog suffer because you are failing to make time for them. Get a dog walker to walk them if you are short of time or make the time yourself.

Keep an eye on their dog’s weight

Many owners forget to weigh their dogs on a regular basis which results in them getting overweight. If you are not keeping track of your dog’s weight you may not notice when they do start to gain or even lose weight. Your vet will probably ask you to weigh your dog every time you bring them in for an appointment. This can help you keep an eye on their weight and adjust their diet accordingly.


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