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Clever Dog Learns the Value of Money

Dogs are clever animals and can be taught a vast array of tricks and behaviours. Whilst you may spend many hours training your pooch to sit, lie down, roll over and even fetch your phone when it rings, he might learn a few things without any input from you. These are usually the behaviours which will gain your furry friend a tasty snack!

My lovely little friend Darcey, a cute cocker with an adorable face, has a bad case of ADHD and has proved difficult to train. But she knows the sound of a packet of treats when she hears it and will soon come running!

A black Labrador called Holly has taken things a step further and has learnt to hoard cash to pay for her treats!

Crafty New Yorker

Holly resides in New York and as a young puppy would steal dollar bills and run off with them. Her owner, Casi Cook, would tempt her to hand over the cash by giving her treats. Wouldn’t you know it, the dog was smart enough to figure out that presenting money to humans would result in getting fed! So, the dog now hoards any cash that she can get her hands on and produces a few bills when she fancies a snack!

The only trouble is, Casi Cook owns a restaurant and so Holly the lab has developed the art of pinching tips!

Paying for A Dog Treat

Holly will approach Casi looking for a treat and Casi will say ‘OK but you have to give me a dollar’ and the clever 5-year-old runs off to fetch payment.

Casi now keeps cash around specifically for Holly to find and to pinch but the dog is always eager to get her hands on as much wonga as she can. She has learnt to recognise the sound of servers in the restaurant counting their tips and often runs up to swipe a few dollars. She has also been known to steal from bags and wallets! Smart dog!
Valuable Lesson

There is a useful lesson to be learnt here. Whilst it might seem like a bad idea to teach your dog that they can buy treats, there is an upside to this behaviour. Dogs frequently chew or consume bank notes and that can be very inconvenient. Perhaps they wouldn’t be so keen to massacre the money if they though that they could buy food with it!

If only Darcey had learnt this trick. She recently ate two £20 notes which had been left lying around on a table. That won’t be happening again!


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