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Do You Buy Christmas Presents for Your Pets?

Some owners lavish gifts on their pets at Christmas whilst others think the idea is somewhat foolish. Of course, we all know that pets don’t really understand what the festive season is all about. But then nor do many people! Pets are part of the family and so it never feels right somehow, if they aren’t included in everything that we do over Christmas. My cat has a propensity to include himself regardless!

Christmas Stockings for Pets

Personally, I find it hard to resist those Christmas stocking for pets which are packed with treats and toys. My cat is always excited when hears the rustle of any packets, mainly because he is obsessed with crisps, especially cheesy puffs! The stockings are absolutely guaranteed to pique his attention and it is quite amusing watching him trying to open them.

Not that I wrap the stockings. My cat gets quite enough fun out of ripping open the presents I have wrapped for other people. He loves attacking the gifts so much that I honestly think that the best Christmas present for him would be a roll of wrapping paper!

Pets and the Christmas Dinner

Christmas is generally a great time for pets whether they receive any gifts or not. Their owners are more likely to be at home with them and then there is all that food! Most households appear to invest in far more food than they could reasonably eat. That means mountains of left overs for the animals. Well, it would be a shame to throw it all away!

The Missing Christmas Turkey

Mind you, one year my family found itself a turkey short of a Christmas on the big day. The bird had gone on the missing list. This was because my first ever cat had eaten most of it before it made it to the dinner table. My mother had left the turkey in what she thought was a safe place but it turned out to be anything but. We ended up sharing a couple of tins of Spam! The cat stayed away and never received the toy mouse that I had bought him with my pocket money. He was lucky that he lived to see another Christmas let alone any future gifts!

Santa’s Grotto for Pets

I think it is rather nice to treat your pets at Christmas. But I don’t think that I would bother taking mine to see Santa. Evidently many people would. Garden King garden centre in Derbyshire has opened its Santa’s Grotto to pets on certain days! For £5 animals can meet Santa and have their picture taken with him. They also receive a small gift. Santa Paws Grotto has proved to be a big hit.

When I read about the grotto I couldn’t help wondering what would happen if someone turned up with their pet python or tarantula. Santa probably wouldn’t be quite as jolly then! A snake isn’t quite as cuddly as a cute cat or your typical labradoodle. Well they do say that you should never work with animals or children!


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