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Christmas Cards Featuring Your Pet

If you want to send out some personal greeting cards this year then why not take a festive snap of your pet? Everyone loves a cute pet picture, especially one that is Christmas themed. Instead of buying your cards this year, make your own Christmas cards featuring your pet. It’s really easy to do, all you have to do is take a festive themed photo starring your dog, cat or small animal. Then you can make cute, funny or adorable Christmas cards for all your friends and family who will appreciate the personal touch. Here is how to make your Christmas cards stand out this year.

1. Buy Or Make Your Accessories

You can buy festive accessories such as a santa hat or some reindeer for your photo. Or if you are good at crafts then you could make your own photo accessories such as a Christmas dog jumper or festive outfit for your pet. See what Christmas decorations you have stored away as these will make great accessories for your photo.

2. Set The Scene

Next you need to decide where you are going to take the photo and set the scene. Think about where your pet will sit and arrange a Christmas scene. You could take a picture of them by a Christmas tree and place some presents around them. Get creative and think of some fun Christmas scene’s to bring to life.

3. Get Your Pet Ready & Take Your Photo

Put your santa hat on your pet, get them into their outfit or simply get some treats ready to keep them happy while you are snapping away. You can also use the treats to get their attention and encourage them to look towards the camera.

4. Choose Your Favourite Photo/s

Now comes the hard part, selecting your favourite photo. You could choose two or three different pictures to send out to different people, especially if you are finding it tough to narrow the photo’s down.

5. Create A Card Using The Photo

Next you need to create a card using your photo. You can do this on your computer if you know how to make cards, or you can go online and use a website where you can make your own cards using a photo of your choice.

6. Send To All Your Friends And Family

Now comes the best part, send your Christmas cards to all your friends and family. They will have a lovely Christmas card to open starring your pet. You can also keep a few copies of the cards for yourself to look back on in a few years.


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