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Choosing The Right Rescue Dog

If you are considering getting a rescue dog then you are doing the right thing. There are thousands of dogs in desperate need across the UK. If you don’t need to get a puppy then choose a rescue dog instead. They can bring joy to your life and the whole process is very rewarding. It’s nice to know you have saved your dog and given them a second chance. Some dogs have had a very tough start to lie and deserve to have a loving home.

Now you know you want to get a rescue dog, it’s time to start thinking about what sort of rescue dog you want.There are so many different dogs to choose from, dogs of all different breeds, ages, sizes and temperaments. When you are visiting rescue centre or looking at rescue dog pictures online it’s easy to fall for an adorable dog, but are they really right for you? Try not to go on looks too much and instead try and find a dog that has the perfectly personality for you and your family.

Before you even start looking for a new rescue dog you need to sit down and think about your requirements and at you want from them. Here are some of the main things you need to think about before bringing a rescue dog home:

  • What age dog are you looking for?
  • Do you want them to be ongoing and boisterous or quiet and relaxed?
  • Do you have kids? You need to find a dog that is good with children?
  • Do you want an active dog that needs a lot of exercise?
  • How long are you out of the house every day?
  • Do you have an enclosed garden?
  • What sort of breed would you like?
  • What size dog are you looking for?

=After you have asked yourself the above questions you can start looking for the right dog at rescue centres. One of the best ways of finding the right dog for you is to go and meet lots of dogs. Spend a bit of time with the dogs you like, take them for a walk and see what their personality is like. All these things will help you to determine whether you have a special connection with the dog.

If you want to get a dog that is a breed you have never had before then try and research the breed characteristics. Some breeds are more difficult than others and require more specialised care and experienced owners. Look into what the traits are of the breed and think about whether you can cater to their needs and if they are the right dog for you.

Some rescue centres will let you take your chosen dog home for a short trial. If you have the opportunity to do this then it’s definitely worth a try. You can really see what they are like in your home and as they settle in you can see if they are right for you, your family and any other pets you have. Not all rescue centres allow this so the next best thing is to spend as much time getting to know the dog at the centre as you can. Make sure that they get to meet every family member and everyone is on board with getting the dog.


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