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Choosing the right dog bed

Dogs are truly creatures of habit and enjoy sleeping in the same spot every night. This means choosing the right dog bed is very important. There is a vast selection of dog beds available to buy, choosing the right one can be very difficult.

If you have just bought a new puppy you may find that having a chew proof bed to be advantageous. This prevents a dog from chewing on their bed and potentially swallowing some of the filling, which can cause problems. What you want to do is to make sure that your dog is comfortable. The only other decisions are likely to be based on size, style, and cost.

Any dog bed you buy has to be big enough and robust enough to complement your dog's breed and size, but not too big that you waste money on unused bed space. Dog beds that are too small may not be comfortable for your dog. If you have a puppy or junior dog then you may want to allow extra room for growth. Another important thing to take into consideration is weather conditions and time of year. As with humans trying to sleep in overly hot or cold conditions is not easy. There are many thick soft dog beds on the market which will keep you dog nice and warm in the winter months and thinner ones which will keep your dog cooler in the summer months.

Dog beds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This can include round ones, donut shaped ones, square mattresses, furniture shaped beds and much more besides. Selecting the right shape for your dog can be difficult. It really depends on the room you have and how your dog prefers to sleep. If your dog likes to curl up when sleeping, then a round or oval bed may be best. If however your dog likes to stretch out then a regular square of rectangle mattress bed may be better. It also depends on what style and design you like too. There are many plain black and grey beds which blend in with the surroundings, or colorful patterned beds which look more elaborate. It is really a matter of personal preference.


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