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Choosing a rabbit food

In the wild rabbits eat a vast range of different foods. This includes grass, leaves, bark, weeds, fruit, crops etc. Of course rabbits are herbivores and have become very good at digesting different types of fiber. They are very good at getting rid of things that they can't digest.

Luckily there are lots of rabbit food products on the market today which will provide your rabbit with all the nutrients they will need. Rabbits require fairly high levels of fiber in their diet, in order to aid digestion. They will also appreciate fresh vegetables along with other specialist rabbit treats. Ideally rabbits should be fed twice daily, with fresh hay available at all times. You should also ensure clean drinking water in available at all times too.

In terms of rabbit food, there are basically two different types available. This includes complete mixtures and pellets. Mixtures contain various ingredients including Flaked peas, grass pellets, oats, biscuits, extruded locust beans, wheat, whole wheat, herbs etc. These products provide your rabbit with different textures and flavours which can make meal times more interesting for them. There are many rabbit mixtures on the market from brands such as Chudleys , Supreme, My super pet and more besides. However rabbits can sometimes be very fussy and will occasional just eat a handful of the ingredients and leave the rest. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

This can be combated by the use of rabbit pellets. These products contain all the nutrients your rabbit will need, however they are made into pellet form with each pellet being identical. This prevents selective feeding. There are various rabbit pellets on the market from manufacturers such as Allen & Page and Burgess.

These products are usually available to buy from any good pet shop or online pet store.


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