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Choosing A Bed For Your Dog

Getting a cosy bed for your dog is important, it’s a place where they can go to and feel comfortable. Sometimes dogs like to have their own space and a bed is the perfect place to retreat to. Having bedding that a dog associate with sleeping, resting and night time is helpful when it comes to sending them to sleep at night. A bed shouldn’t be a place for discipline or punishment; you want your dog to feel relaxed in their bed. When it comes to beds, you can definitely spoil your dog with some lovely soft bedding. There are many different Dog Beds to choose from, but what bed is best for you and your dog?

Donut Beds

Donut beds are round shaped material beds with no gaps. They are the perfect bed for your dog to curl up in.

Waterproof beds

If your dog has toilet problems or you simply want a bed that is easy to clean then go for a waterproof bed such as These beds are perfect for dogs that get very dirty and wet on walks.

Oval Beds

Oval beds are similar to donut beds except they have a gap at the front where your dog can rest their head if they wish. Here is an example of a waterproof oval bed:

Dog Cushions

If you want to keep things simple then get your dog a comfy dog cushion that they can lay on. You can get dog cushions that are as large if not larger than normal dog beds. They are very practical and easy to carry around.

Dog Duvets

Duvets can make excellent beds for dogs as they are extremely comfortable and warm. Your dog will love going and lying on their duvet bed. Lots of dogs love duvets so much that they try and steal their owners, so why not get them their very own duvet

Dog Bean Bags

Think how comfy bean bags are to relax on, now you can get one for your dog. Your dog will love lying on a comfortable bean bag such as this one

Plastic Oval Beds

If you prefer not to get a material bed for your dog then get a Danish Design plastic oval bed. These beds are extremely durable and long lasting, and you can always make them cosier by putting some bedding inside them.


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