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Charity Runs out of Pets on Black Friday

Black Friday is now firmly established as the best day of the year to bag a bargain. Almost every retailer offers special deals and in most cases the offers last for more than the one day. Whether you want to purchase your Christmas gifts or something for yourself, it is always worth exploring the Black Friday Deals.

But you wouldn’t think that Black Friday would be a great day to get a new pet! Particularly as animal charities always emphasise that pets are not appropriate Christmas gifts.

The Indianapolis Humane Society thought differently.

Free Pets!

From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, the Indianapolis Humane Society waived its rehoming fees. This was called the "Home for the Pawlidayz" deal. They were able to waive their fees without making a loss as they had received sponsorship from and Best Friends Animal Society.

Several other American animal shelters also participated in the scheme which was sponsored to the tune of $1.25 million. But few shelters can have been as successful as the Indianapolis branch of the Humane Society which actually managed to run out of pets! They must have marketed Black Friday extremely well!

Long Queues

The charity posted photos of the long queues of prospective new owners stretching down the street from the adoption centre. The event began at 1pm on Black Friday but people had starting queuing at 9.30am.

137 cats and dogs found new homes and the shelter ran out of pets at lunchtime on the Sunday. They were able to offer 23 further animals on Cyber Monday.

Some people expressed their concern over the event as they felt it might encourage the wrong sort of people to take the animals. However, the centre has said that it conducted its usual screening process before allowing anyone to adopt. They also pointed out that there are no guarantees of a successful outcome even when they charge for the animals.

Free Pets in the UK?

It is hard to imagine that a similar event would take place in the UK. The RSPCA are very wary of Christmas adoptions and would probably never consider a Black Friday giveaway. Only time will tell whether the American event was a success. If no stories of cruelty or neglect as a result of the free adoptions come to light, then maybe they have found the perfect way to rehome pets in a hurry.


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