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Cats on Tube Posters? What Next!

Let’s face it, tube journeys are rarely exciting and they are certainly never relaxing! Once you have negotiated the crowds and managed to grab yourself a postage stamp sized piece of floor to stand on, you are then likely to spend your journey examining another commuter’s armpit. The only other things to look at on the station and the train are the often inane adverts selling you the merits of the latest film releases or miracle skin creams.

But things are very different, if only for two weeks, at Clapham Common Tube station this September.

A Glimpse of the Future?

An organisation called Glimpse aims to turn underground stations into relaxing, fun and amusing spaces for travellers to spend time in. The collective refers to itself at the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) and wants to create spaces which are free from advertising. They do not seek commercial gain, which is a refreshing innovation, and are simply looking to deliver a more pleasing environment for those who use the trains and to make the public think differently about their lives.

Thought Provoking Images

The organisation recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance a project at Clapham Junction. The campaign raised an impressive £23,000 from 700 pledges to pay for all the advertising space at the Tube station for a two week period. The adverts have now been replaced by 68 pictures of cats! These have been chosen in an attempt to encourage travellers to think about what they value in life which is almost certainly something that they cannot buy in a shop.

Attention Grabbing

Glimpse is a collective of more than 200 people who believe that friends and experiences are far more life affirming than retail therapy. The images that they had originally intended to use for the project were of forests and oceans but the group realised that they needed posters which were more attention grabbing. The popularity of cats on social media suggested that they would be the perfect choice.

Helping Charities

The animals which feature in the appealing pictures are all rescue cats from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home and Cats Protection. The images are not accompanied by any words apart from one poster which highlights the fabulous work done by these animal charities.

The images are situated all around the station including on the turnstiles (which Glimpse have dubbed cat flaps) and next to the escalators which lead to the platforms. There are cats everywhere at Clapham Junction!

If you are travelling in London then make a point of paying Clapham Junction a visit to see this exciting and inspiring display for yourself.

The Next Takeover

Glimpse is already planning its next advertising 'takeover'. It is inviting people to submit their ideas for the next project at It will come as no surprise to you to hear that Dogs are so far proving to be the most popular suggestion!


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