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Cats in the News

We thought that we should bring you a round-up of the stories featuring cats which have made headlines recently - just in case you missed them! Adorable and mischievous moggies across the globe are always up to something so it’s worth keeping your finger on the pulse!

Potty Kitties

An American cat owner who grows a small amount of cannabis for personal use moved her plants to her porch as her grow-lights had broken. When she went back to collect them, she was shocked to find that her cats had helped themselves! There was mud all over the floor, plants in disarray and two kitties who were spaced out! The resulting video shows two very mellow moggies in a state of semi-consciousness!

Cat Owner Tries to Cure Cancer with Manuka Honey

A pet owner has been banned from keeping animals for one year after she attempted to cure her cat’s cancer using manuka honey. Denise smith treated a wound on her cat Blacky’s leg believing that the honey’s anti-microbial properties would help heal the problem.

The RSPCA were called by a concerned member of the public who had seen the cat. An inspector checked Blacky, who had a heavily bandaged leg. When the bandages were removed, cancer was discovered and it had grown into the cat’s tendons. Blacky’s leg was later amputated and he was adopted by a new owner but despite intensive treatment he eventually died.

Ms Smith had tried using the honey after she had read online that it had beneficial properties. Manuka honey is used by some vets, including Supervet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, but it is not an appropriate treatment for cancer. The RSPCA itself sells manuka honey on its Halifax and Huddersfield website. It is recommended for treating abrasions, lacerations, sores and abscesses.
Blacky needed urgent veterinary treatment and did not receive it. It is vital to establish exactly what a wound is before attempting to treat it yourself.

$100,000 Reward for the Recovery of Lost Cats

A Detroit couple are offering a reward of $25,000 for the recovery of each of their four missing moggies. Will and Lauren Powers’ home was destroyed by fire recently. The couple managed to escape and left the doors open for the cats but the pets have not been seen since. Two of the missing pets hold Guinness World Records.

Arcturus, a spotted Savannah, holds the record as the world’s tallest domestic cat, measuring in at 48 centimetres. A Savannah is a hybrid which is a cross between a serval, a kind of African wildcat, and a domestic cat. Cygnus, a fluffy Maine coon, is the domestic cat with the world’s longest tail, measuring 43 centimetres. The Powers’ pet cat Sirius and a guest called Yuki are also missing.

The rewards will be paid in Bitcoins and could be the highest ever offered for the return of pets. Unless you know different!

How much money would you offer as a reward if your treasured pet was missing? Do you think that offering a reward would enhance your chances of recovering your animal?


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