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Is New Invention a Cat Toy, a Human Toy or Pure Madness?

We all like to form strong bonds with our pets and to make sure that they are happy. We spend fortunes on cat toys, cat beds, dog treats and pet food. We walk our dogs, play with our cats and pamper our pooches. But perhaps we haven’t gone far enough. If you thought that you had cracked it with your cat toys then think again. An American inventor is suggesting that you shouldn’t be playing with your cat, you should be licking it!

Licki Brush

Jason O’Mara is an electrical engineer from Oregon who has turned his attention to feline care. He has invented a silicone device which enables humans to lick their cats. Had this news emerged on April Fools’ Day it would have been a little more comprehensible.

The Licki Brush is a device which humans hold in their mouth and use to brush their pets. You simply grasp the device with your teeth and then start licking. Really? The inventor claims that this behaviour enhances your bond with your pet (good news) and that they may even start licking you back (not so good news).

Cat Toys and Entertainment

O’Mara is no stranger to feline inventions as he and his wife previously developed the SHRU, a cat toy which mimics the movements and sounds of small animals. This particular device sounds quite sensible. O’Mara felt that cats required cat toys more suited to their intelligence level and so created what he sees as a cat companion. The SHRU is rechargeable and can be set to different play modes in order to keep moggies on their toes.


O’Mara is hoping to get Licki Brush into production via crowd funding on Kickstarter. It sounds more like a non-starter in truth but perhaps not. O’Mara needs $36,500 for the project and has already received pledges amounting to almost $30,000. The Licki Brush looks set to become a reality. But would you use it?

Sealed with a Lick

The idea of creating a closer bond between you and your pet is an appealing one. But would you really enjoy licking your cat even with a device that means your tongue doesn’t actually make contact with the fur? This is perhaps not something you would choose to do in public! A stampede of men in white coats could ensue.

The devices should be available from next year if you feel the need to try one and they can be used to pamper your dog or your rabbit as well as your cat.
Some pet related inventions have proved to be fabulous innovations. Dog food was an important step forward and ball throwers are fabulous. Licki Brushes? We would suggest that you don’t throw out your Cat toyscat just yet.


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