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Cat Shampoo - How to Bath Your Cat

Cats are fastidious creatures and usually keep themselves incredibly clean. However, they are also curious animals who love to explore every nook and cranny of their territory and this can lead to trouble.

Oil and Debris

At some point in their lives, most cats will come home with black patches of oil on their coat having sat underneath a car. They may also get trapped in filthy garden sheds and dirty garages where their fur picks up dirt, oil and a variety of debris. Cats can become so dirty that they cannot clean themselves effectively and it is not desirable to let them lick oil off of their coats. Sometimes the only solution is a bath. But this is not something which your cat is likely to thank you for!

Cats and Water

The vast majority of cats dislike water and will do everything they can to escape your bathtub or sink. As the bath is slippery and gives cats nothing to grip onto they will inevitably try to sink their claws into your flesh in order to lever themselves out of the water. It is safe to say that your cat will not be at all happy about being bathed and if you are not properly prepared you will get hurt!


Make sure that you have assembled everything you need before you start bathing your cat. Fill the bath or sink with warm water and place your cat shampoo next to where you intend to stand. It helps if you have a hand held shower attachment but if you don’t have one, place a jug next to your shampoo which you can use for rinsing. Put towels on the floor as your cat may thrash and splash water everywhere. Have a dry towel at the ready for drying off kitty after their bath.

The Bath

Only when everything is ready should you attempt to pick up your cat. Keep calm as they will sense your anxiety. Take them to the water and shut the door of the room behind you so there is no escape route. Place them gently in the water and use the jug to wet them all over. You will have to hold them quite tightly otherwise they are going to climb over you and out of the bath. It helps if you have someone with you to hold them down whilst you work.

Cat Shampoo

Use a shampoo formulated for cats and gently soap your moggie whilst taking care to keep the Cat Shampoo away from their eyes. Massage the cat shampoo into their fur. Then use your jug or the shower attachment to rinse them off thoroughly. Check that they are clean and if necessary shampoo and rinse again. Always ensure that the water isn’t too hot.

Drying Off

Remove your cat from the water and wrap them in a dry towel. Rub them gently to remove excess water and then take them to a warm room where they can dry off. You should comb long haired cats as they dry to avoid tangles developing. Some cats will accept being dried with a hair dryer but you need to keep this on a cool setting as it could easily burn your kitty.

It would be fair to say that cays detest baths but they can be a necessary evil. If you prepare well and are ready for the escape attempts then you should be able to complete the job without getting seriously injured! Some cats get used to baths over time and become more accepting of the ordeal, others never acclimatise and will always fight tooth and nail to escape the water.


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