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Top Tips for Using Cat Litter

If your cat is confined to the home or does not have access to a Cat Flap then they will require a litter tray. Most cats take to their tray with ease and will seek it out because they are naturally clean animals. However, some cats are not quite so accommodating. If your cat is rejecting its cat litter then here are our top tips for getting things back on course.


Cats are fastidious creatures and will stop using their litter tray if it is
overly soiled. If you remove any soiling regularly and clean the tray every time you replace the Cat Litter then your cat is far more likely to use it.

More Than One Cat?

Some cats dislike sharing a litter tray. They will be able to smell the urine of another cat and could refuse to use the tray. If you have more than one cat then this might well be why they have rejected the litter tray. You should try providing separate trays for each cat and placing these adjacent to each animal’s favourite area of the house.


Cats will rarely use a litter tray which is positioned too close to their food. This can be problematic if you have a small kitchen and could mean that you have to place the litter tray in a different room altogther. Other cats will simply take offense to a particular location for no obvious reason. If you are experiencing problems then it is always worth moving your litter tray.


Some varieties of cat litter are scented to mask unpleasant odours. If you are using a scented cat litter but your cat will not use the tray then it could be because of that scent. You may like the smell if the litter but it is entirely possible that your cat does not. Switching varieties will do the trick.

Too Shallow?

Although some cats may not bother, most like to cover their waste. If the litter in your tray is too shallow then your cat won’t be able to scrape it over any soiling and this could put them off using the tray.

Covered Litter Trays

Some Cat Litter Trays have covers. These can help with odour control and will prevent your cat from spraying litter all over the floor. They are also a good idea if your cat has a bad aim! But some cats don’t like using this style of litter tray. If you are struggling to temp your cat inside then remove the cover to see if that makes a difference.

The reasons behind your cat’s behaviour may not be immediately obvious and so you might have to experiment in order to get to the heart of the problem. It is also possible that there is more than one reason why your furry friend isn’t using their litter tray. Always persevere because the solution is probably a simple one. That doesn’t mean that your cat won’t invent another reason not to use the tray though! Cats are not averse to a little attention seeking when it suits them!


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