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Cat Food for Fussy Eaters

Whilst most dogs will eat anything even if it isn’t actually food, cats are much more discerning when it comes to cat food.

Or should I say fussy, devious and manipulating!

Cats always know what they want and will employ any tactic at their disposal to get it. That bargain basement range of Cat Food that you thought you would try will almost certainly end up in the bin. It will be greeted with scornful looks before your cat walks off with their nose in the air. Their body language will succinctly explain to you that they have no intention of eating such rubbish.

When Even the Best Food Won’t Do

Unfortunately the very best cat food might occasionally receive the same treatment. The cat will have a definite idea of what it wants you to serve up at any given time and if the selected meal isn’t it then you are dead in the water. They may occasionally return to their bowl when your back is turned but will most likely hold out to the point of starvation before eating anything that they have decided in unsuitable.

If even the finest foods have failed to tempt your cat then there is usually a simple explanation. They are not holding out for a particular cat food, they are lusting after your food instead. It is all too tempting to sacrifice your steak or tuna in order to silence the winging but you are making a very large rod for your own back.

The Battle of Wills

If you are not to become a slave to your cat’s ways then you must employ cunning and determination to match theirs. Don’t let them get a taste of your dinner and never give in when they reject a meal. Find the cat foods that they are happy to eat, at least sometimes, and ring the changes by offering different flavours and brands. Variety does seem to be the spice of life for many felines.

You can supplement your cat’s diet with tasty cat treats but don’t be into offering these in place of a regular meal. Treats should be rewards for acceptable behaviour, in the unlikely event that you experience any, rather than sops for a cat with a big mouth and an iron will.

It is particularly frustrating when a previously favoured food is suddenly rejected. This might be because the cat can smell that delicious stroganoff on the stove. Alternatively the rejection could simply be the cat deciding that it is time to regain the upper hand.

With incredible stubbornness and an array of irritating behaviours in their armoury, cats can turn mealtimes into a battleground. You will find yourself wondering how something so small can be so disruptive. Those big eyes will seduce you and that incessant meow will inspire evil thoughts but don’t despair. You will reach a truce eventually. A state of concord, if not respect, when your cat will eat the fabulous cat food that you have chosen for them without complaint. You may not win each battle but you can win the war.


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