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Choosing a Cat Flea Treatment

Cat flea treatment has always been a tricky issue in my household.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know that they are wilful souls who rule the roost.

Cats never want do anything that doesn’t suit them and certainly don’t appreciate being treated with anything. Throw into the mix their idiosyncrasies and cat flea treatment time can get very interesting. I never managed to share my home with cats who had the same reaction to any given flea treatment.

Sammy the Blinker

Sammy was an adorable but troubled rescue cat. He had been cruelly treated and although I had been given only vague information regarding his previous life, some things were obvious. He had clearly been sprayed in the face with unpleasant chemicals at some point. Opening a bottle of cleaning fluid or bleach would always induce a session of rapid blinking and he would run for it if you went anywhere near him with the bottle. Unfortunately one of the odours he really objected to was Frontline Spot On flea treatment.

I dreaded using Frontline on Sammy as it was so sad to see him distressed. As
soon as I snapped open a dose he would start blinking and shaking his head. He would shiver when he was picked up which just made me feel even worse. I would have liked to use a different product on him but Frontline really worked and Sam didn’t like sprays much either. Then there was Paolo.

Vicious Paolo

Paolo got absolutely incensed if you did anything that was not of his bidding and so no Cat Flea Treatment could ever have been a popular choice. Sprays and powders were definitely out of the question because you could never hold him still long enough to apply them without being fatally injured! Frontline or Beaphor spot on treatments could be applied so quickly that you had at least a fighting chance of delivering them to the back of his neck without losing your arm.

So Sam hated spot on flea treatments and Paolo couldn’t bare sprays. Indeed he hated sprays to the extent that even using them on Sam would have been considered a serious affront. Spot on treatments were the only real option despite the need to upset Sam unless you happened to have to treat Yasmin as well.

Yasmin the Terrible

Yasmin was a Himalayan. Her long fur attracted fleas like a magnet. She needed treating regularly to prevent major infestations. For reasons that nobody ever managed to get to the bottom off, Frontline did not work well for her. It never seemed to eradicate the fleas and so I was forced to spray her. This meant that Paolo would go berserk.

I ended up with a cornucopia of flea treatments and had to tackle each cat at different times and when the others were outside. It was that or not see them for days or possibly losing a limb. I am sure that none of the treatments could have been inherently traumatic but cats can turn even the smallest inconvenience into a major incident.


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