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Cat Flea Shampoo VS Yasmin the Cat

I should have known better!

Yasmin was a tenacious, cantankerous and highly intelligent cat. She always seemed to be able to get the better of me no matter how hard I tried. I certainly should have realised that bathing her was going to be a major ordeal.

The Himalayan

Yasmin was a Himalayan. Her long coat would pick up all sorts of debris and was prone to tangles. Yasmin would explore all sorts of places that she would have been best avoiding and so was often filthy. In addition, she occasionally fell prey to terrible flea infestations. All of this meant that the occasional bath was required.

The First Bath

The first time that I tried to bathe Yasmin I didn’t see the trouble coming. She was very dirty and had fleas. I had invested in cat flea shampoo and I was keen to bath her. Underneath her fluffy coat she was a small cat and so I was sure that I would be able to hold her down in the bath. I was wrong!

As soon as I placed Yasmin in the water she literally went berserk. I couldn’t believe how powerful she was. Within seconds she had leapt up and sunk her claws into my shoulders. She then levered herself out of the water, climbed over my shoulders and down my back and flew across the room like a whirling dervish. There was water everywhere and my shoulders were bleeding profusely.
I managed to pick Yasmin up again but as I approached the bath for a second time she went into a frenzy and ripped more of my flesh. There was now blood all over the bathroom floor and it was all mine!

I was losing the battle but I was determined to win the war. Several attempts later I had bathed Yasmin, washed her with the cat flea shampoo and rinsed her off. She was now wrapped in a towel and appeared to be furious. Yasmin’s facial expressions were legendary! When I took the towel off she looked like a skinny little rat and I had a terrible fit of the giggles. This made her even more annoyed!

Drying Off

I took Yasmin to a warm room to dry off and decided to try using the hair dryer
to speed up the process. Surprisingly she didn’t mind this too much and was soon a ball of cream fluff once more. Yasmin looked fabulous which is more than can be said for my bathroom which was more like a scene from a horror movie.

Cleaning Up

The bathroom floor was covered in a mixture of bath water and my blood. There was blood all over the towel I had used and Yasmin had knock over almost every bottle in the room. It looked like there had been a gruesome murder. It took me more than an hour to clean up after which time I found Yasmin sleeping
peacefully on the sofa.

Over the years I was forced to bathe Yasmin many times and she always put up a fight. She hated water, she detested Cat Flea Shampoo and she didn’t like me very much either! I became better prepared and eventually arrived at a situation where I could bathe her without getting injured – just!


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