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Cat Carriers - Why You Need One!

Cats have an uncanny knack for learning whatever it is useful for them to know. They treat everything else with complete disdain.
My cats have certainly all quickly learnt to recognise cat carriers!
In my house the appearance of cat carriers of any type are guaranteed to spark a mass exodus. My cats know only too well that the carrier means a trip to the vet or to the cattery. They have no desire to endure either and are invariably gone in a flash.

Covert Operations with Cat Carriers

This situation has led to me contriving any number of ways to conceal the cat carriers. Sadly it has also resulted in my cats developing what appear to be psychic powers. I don’t actually have to remove the carriers form the cupboard to spark a disappearing act. I just have to think about the carrier, or my next holiday and I have a feline free zone. Over the years the little darlings have evolved the most incredibly devious ways to evade capture.

Killer Cat

Take my beautiful black cat Jason. He was a gorgeous and sleek shorthair with enormous green eyes. He was cute, cuddly and loveable unless he saw another cat. The appearance of another feline saw him mutate into a homicidal maniac. His vicious battles resulted in a series of injuries which in turn necessitated visits to the vet.

Jason eventually became wise enough to steer clear of the house completely if he was injured. I became an accomplished tracker and would eventually trap him but often only when he was at death’s door. He once remained on the loose for 5 days with a broken leg!

To make matters worse he always knew when I was going on holiday despite my best attempts at keeping my suitcase out of sight. He seemed to know what day I would be leaving from the second that I booked a trip. When it was time to go to the cattery he was nowhere to be seen. Time after time I was forced to set off whilst leaving my neighbour to trap him and take him to the cattery. I would then receive updates on Jason’s whereabouts whilst I was half way up a mountain or sipping cocktails by the sea.

Once Bitten

Jason clearly informed my other cats that his tactics worked because they also began employing extreme measures. On one occasion I was preparing to take the cats to the cattery when I realised that my Arthur was nowhere to be seen. I searched high and low for that cat and eventually found him lying in great distress under a bush in the garden. One of his legs was swollen like a balloon. I rushed him to the vet to discover that he had been bitten by a bee. The cynical side of me felt that he might have thrown himself deliberately in the path of the insect.

The Great Escape

Then there was the legendary Caspar incident. For once in my life I had managed to arrive at the cattery at the right time, on the right day and with all of my cats. I was feeling suitably superior until I got out of the car. In a split second Caspar had affected his escape from his carrier and made a run for it. I spent half the evening trying to track him down. He was eventually found in a back garden down the street but would not come anywhere near me.

I sat on the lawn for an age hoping he would eventually move close to me. I had almost given up hope when he wandered over. I grabbed him, rushed towards the stranger’s house and locked him in the conservatory. When I approached the conservatory with his cat carrier he went berserk, climbed up a grape vine and pulled it off the wall. It took three people to capture and subdue him. I was supposed to be on holiday. Instead I was in a complete stranger’s house sweating, apologising and trying to repair a grape vine.

Cat Carriers are essential equipment but be warned! Cats know what they are and will do everything in their power to ensure that they never see the inside of them.


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