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Cat Beds - Getting Crafty

Over the years I have been completely confounded by cat beds. Or should I say that my cats have confounded me when it comes to their cat beds?

I have shared my life with many cats and treated them to a wide variety of fabulous beds. Unfortunately the beds have appeared fabulous to me but not the cats!

It has taken me the best part of forty years to crack the secret of the successful cat bed and I would like to share my discovery with you.

The Reject Cat Beds

The majority of perfectly good Cat Beds that I have invested in have been rejected in double quick time. Usually in favour of something far less appropriate like the expensive designer jeans that I have just treated myself to and stupidly left lying around. Bath towels have also proved popular and you really can’t beat a fluffy dressing gown for a cat magnet.
But even old magazines have been chosen instead of the cat bed. What was I doing wrong?

From Cosy Carpets to Wooden Floors

A couple of years ago, in a last ditch attempt to save my wardrobe, I purchased yet another bed for my cats. I had just had wooden floors fitted throughout the house and my cats were not amused! Cosy carpets had been replaced by cold and hard flooring. The cats descended into a daily battle to steal any comfortable spot and my elderly cat Caspar was always the last in the queue.
Having just decorated the house I was keen to find a bed or beds that would complement the new décor. I failed miserably but then stumbled upon a large dog bed which fit the bill. When I say large dog bed I mean one designed for the average Rottweiler.

A Success Story

Having never managed to get any of my cats to use a cat bed, I wasn’t holding out much hope of success. You can imagine my surprise when my dressing gown loving, jeans hugging moggies all decided that my purchase was, well, the cat’s whiskers. They loved it so much that they would all sleep on it at the same time. But why?

Defying Logic

Who should prefer their own bed. They generally choose elevated positions as safe havens and so should favour a bed which is positioned up high. They are not supposed to be that fussed about human company and so you would think that they would enjoy a bed that is situated well away from the people in the house. I had borne all of these facts in mind when buying and locating cats beds and failed to inspire one iota of interest. This time I would fly in the face of the accepted wisdom and defy logic. This cat bed was a dog bed and it was going to live on the floor and close to me.

It turns out that the trick with choosing a cat bed is be as contrary as a cat. Acquaint yourself with all the perceived wisdom and expert advice about cats and then ignore it and do the opposite. Buy a dog bed, put it on the floor and right outside your home office where you spend most of your time. The cats will love it – all of them!


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