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Cat Anxiety - Ways To Help Your Nervous Cat

Some cats are naturally very nervous. This could be due to bad experiences, a lack of socialisation when they were young or they may have simply been born with a nervous disposition. Nervous cats will do things such as hiding where they feel safe and avoiding people or if they feel under threat they might show some nervous aggression. Nervous cats can be scared of people, other animals, strange objects and everyday sounds and noises. Here are 5 ways you can help your nervous cat.

A Safe Place

Provide them with a safe place to go to where they feel secure. This can just be a room with a few things to make them feel comfortable such as a bed, food and water. It simply needs to be somewhere quiet and calm. Leave them in their safe place without bothering them, this should give them some space and enable them to slowly build confidence.

Don’t Over Pet

Petting a nervous cat can sometimes make them worse, especially if they do not want to be stroked. They need to have their own space and showering them with attention doesn’t help. Try not to make any sudden movements around your nervous cat and only stroke them when they come to you.

Build Their Confidence

It’s important not to expect your nervous cat to progress quickly. It takes a lot of time and energy to improve the behaviour of a nervous cat. They need to realise that the things they are fearful of are not threats. Desensitisation can help to improve their confidence. This is where you slowly get them used to the thing that they are scared of with positive reinforcement. For example if they are scared of the a particular sound you gradually get them used to being around it and give them treats so that they develop a positive association.

Check For Hazards

Nervous and scared cats tend to try and hide in obscure and sometime dangerous places. If they feel threatened they may try to escape through any means necessary. Think like a cat and scout out any potential dangers or ways to escape. The last thing you want is for your cat to hurt themselves or get stuck somewhere where they will get even more frightened.


Giving your cat treats to help combat fear can be helpful if you do it at the right time. For example if your cat is scared of you or other people. Don’t force your nervous cat to come to you, but reward them when they start to come close with treats. This will build up their confidence and make them realise you are not as scary as they think.

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