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Bus Station Lets Stray Dogs In To Escape The Cold

After a Brazilian bus station offered a warm and comfortable environment for abandoned street dogs, more people are being urged to help canines through the winter months.

Members of staff from a Barreirinha bus terminal, in the Curitiba region, took the decision to welcome the feral animals into their facility and provide them with cosy beds. Although it wasn’t known if the dogs were abandoned or born on the street, they needed the escape from the cold.

Canines Max, Pitoco and Zoinho were all fed and given water, on top of their DIY beds made from scrap vehicle tires. Although the accommodation may have been budget alternative, it was greatly appreciated by the animals.

The act of kindness was fondly noticed by the city’s politician Fabiane Rosa. With her wide online following, she was at the forefront of a viral post on the wider issue of stray dogs worldwide.

A Facebook post saw the politician congratulate the employees at Barreirinha terminal, as well as encouraging local businesses in the region to adopt a pet in order to look after them.

Adopting rescue dogs is a relatively popular option for families looking for a new pet in the UK, yet the need for the services are ever-growing worldwide.

Both the RSPCA and Dogs Trust, along with the Blue Cross, offer the availability of rescue dogs. From Labradors to King Charles Spaniels, thousands of British citizens have found their perfect canine friends.

The relationship between a man and his best friend is like none other, and we’ve seen many emotional stories over recent years via social media where they have helped one another in some spectacular ways.

In August 2011, one particular image shared online was to tug at the heart-strings of the American nation. A grieving black Labrador named Hawkeye, attending the funeral of Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, was seen mourning the death of her owner by laying directly beneath his coffin to show his life-long loyalty.

A similar story, this time involving a young child, saw an adopted dog prove his worth when saving a life. Owners were alerted to their baby suffering from breathing difficulties, and without the help of their canine companion, their help could have come too late.

Only recently, a story emerged in South America which only highlighted a humans need for their companion. After Rocco, an 11-year-old boy from Argentina, was reunited with his rescue dog Jack after eight months apart.

After going missing with no evidence, Rocco’s family became worried about their child and his loss. Yet nearly a year after their dog went astray, a local neighbour was said to have spotted the pooch before reuniting him with his owners.

Since then, the video has received over half-a-million views on Facebook alone, with many users voicing their empathy with the story. Whether you’re a dog owner or not, situations like these must provide everyone with a sense of motivation to help our most adored pets.


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