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Burns Dog Food - Counting the Cost of a Dog

Ask any dog owner how much their pet costs them and their estimate is likely to be wildly at variance with the truth. Most people underestimate how much their dog is really costing them by a considerable amount. The expenses that owners occur extend well beyond their investment in food.

If you are considering taking on a dog it is a really good idea to add up exactly what it will cost you each year to ensure that you can actually afford your favoured breed or even if you can afford to keep any dog at all.

How the Expenses Rack Up

Food is certainly a major consideration. It is vital that dogs receive good nutrition and some dogs may require special diets in order to enjoy the best of health. Check out how much your chosen breed needs to eat each day and you might be in for a big shock. That Burns Dog Food, Orijen or whichever brand you choose is an expense that you will incur every day. Naturally Burns Dog Food and all the major brands can be purchased at the lowest prices here at Time for Paws.

You should next think about vets’ bills. Your dog will require annual vaccinations, perhaps neutering and could need treatments for various ailments and injuries. You can protect yourself from huge one-off costs by insuring your pet but your policy will have an excess and will not cover vaccinations.
If you travel abroad on holiday then you may have to leave your dog in kennels or pay for a dog sitter. If you lead a busy life then you might even have to pay someone to walk your pet from time to time and these expenses should also be factored in.

It might be necessary to visit a grooming parlour with your pooch occasionally and then there is the cost of collars, leads, Poop Bags, poop scoops, a ball thrower and a few Tasty Treats and chews.

Talking of chewing you may also need to allow for damage to your home and possessions. Dogs can be destructive and so your furniture, flooring, cupboards and clothing could all become victims of their behaviour. Some owners have spent thousands of pounds rectifying damage and replacing chewed items.

Which Breed?

So dogs can be expensive and generally the bigger the dog, the more expensive it is going to be. If you would like to welcome a dog into your home then you should think hard about which breed best suits not only your lifestyle but also your finances. A small dog will costs around £1500 per year whilst a larger breed like a Labrador will set you back in the region of £2500 per year. Really sizeable dogs like Great Danes and Newfoundlands could cost in excess of £3500 per year to keep.

If your budget is tight then you might have to abandon your plans for a Dalmatian and think about a Bichon Frise instead! For Burns dog food, all the best chews and treats, Dog Carriers and canine Toys, visit us at Time for Paws to enjoy the lowest prices.


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