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Brushing your pet

Grooming your pet is vitally important; not only to prevent your pet’s hair from getting all over your house but also to make sure that their fur and body is in a good condition.

You should be brushing or combing your hair on a daily basis regardless of what type of animal you have. Brushing will help to get rid of any dead hair and detangle any clumps of hair that has matted. It also helps to distribute your pet’s natural oils throughout their body, which keeps their fur looking healthy and glossy.

Your pet will get used to being groomed on a daily basis. You should be praising their good behaviour whilst they are being groomed.

There are different types of brushes for different types of pets and hair. A wire or pin brush is better for long straight hair or hair which is dense. A grooming mitt is helpful when it comes to grooming cats because generally their hair is much shorter than other domestic pets. If you pet is prone to tangles in their hair, you can buy specialist detanglers to get rid of any knots in their fur.


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