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Brits are Choose Their Pets Over A Wild Night Out On The Town

A night out down the local club, entering the unknown social arena for some potentially awkward interaction, complete with sticky floor dancing and endless bar queuing, or a night in with your loyal four-legged pal?

In not so surprising news, A new survey carried out on behalf of global pet insurance technology integrator Aquarium Software has revealed that over half of Brits - that’s 57% to be exact - would rather give up the chance of social interaction for a cosy night in with their furry friend. And for many, it’s an easy choice.

Our pets understand us on a level that many humans just don’t. And even though they may not be able to communicate via our own language, sometimes this is just the tonic that’s needed. It seems that four-legs really are more welcomed on the sofa than two, as the opportunity to hunker down for some quiet Netflix and kitty cuddles after a long working week is being favoured time and time again; proving that British people really are a nation of true animal lovers.

As if you really needed that much convincing.

Out of all the pet owners approached, again, it’s not surprising to learn that dog owners came out top as the ones who were least likely to leave their pooches for a night of booze-fuelled mayhem. 70% said they would be happy to give this up for canine chat. This was significantly higher than their feline parent counterparts, with 59% owning up to preferring a night on the sofa with Fluffy than a night out on the tiles with Fred.

“As a dog owner I might be slightly biased, but with the amount of joy dogs bring, coupled with their loyalty, it’s no surprise to see just how popular they are with their pet parents.” Sales and Marketing Director of Aquarium, Mark Colonnese points out.

Far from embracing the fear of turning into a crazy pet owner, or worrying that all of your human friends may in fact abandon you now that they’ve found out you prefers paws over, you know, bros, there are in fact many pluses to selecting this kind of Saturday night.

Pets, in particular the ones who woof, can provide their owners with reduced levels of anxiety and depression leading to overall happiness. And whilst the same conclusion could be drawn from that faithful, greasy, 2am kebab, you’re not likely to be reaping any of the other rewards, such as reduced blood pressure and stress levels, increased heart health and as many warm and snuggly cuddles.

Sure, humans are great and some of the best times can be had by hanging out with your friends, partaking in various social activities and ending with memorable selfies, but even in this modern world, where the options for nights out and endless amount of post-drinking vomit are constantly on the rise, the numbers are speaking for themselves and currently, that’s pets - 1, humans - 0.


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