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Britain’s Cleverest Cats?

If you try to train your moggie, you will be in for a hard time. This is not because felines lack intelligence but rather because they are generally only interested in learning things that are to their advantage! With cats everything tends to be on a need to know basis! But they can be incredibly ingenious as demonstrated these fabulous felines which have wowed their owners with their antics.



This five-year-old tabby from Ely, Cambridgeshire has mastered the art of opening the back door to let herself into the garden. When she featured in the Daily Mail, many readers came forward with amazing stories of their own moggie masterminds.


Socks and Pickle


Hailing from Greenwich, London, Socks and Pickle are a dynamic duo who love to help themselves. Both cats can turn on the kitchen tap to grab themselves a drink! But their skills extend beyond using a tap. Socks quickly learnt to open the kitchen cupboard in order to steal her treats. She would then hide in the bedroom while she clawed open the packet to enjoy her snack. Her owner would catch her in the act and take the treats away so she learnt how to open the wardrobe door and hide in there instead!


Pickle loves to play video games! He adores a cat app on his owner’s tablet which features bugs crawling across the screen which explode when he taps them!




This one-year old from Lancaster is skilled at opening doors, a talent his owner discovered when she had made a birthday cake and left it in her kitchen. Having made sure that she had shut the door, she was shocked to find Gizmo tucking in to a very naughty treat. It soon became apparent that Gizmo could jump up and pull down the door handle. The cantankerous Gizmo also learnt to sleep on top of a curtain pole as a kitten!




This feisty feline really shocked his owners when he found a way to ensure that he was let back into the house. One evening his owners heard a knock at the door but when they opened it there was nobody there. They did discover that the cat was back in the house though. They realised that he had run in when they opened the front door. Two days later the same thing happened and it dawned on Mickey’s owners that it was the cat who was knocking! They have no idea how he learnt this trick but he now always knocks when he wants to come in.




Cats are generally very clean and fastidious animals and that is especially true of Cougar. This cat wees in the toilet every morning! He learnt the trick as a kitten, probably by copying his owners. He will still go outside to pee but prefers the toilet when it is raining!


Are these Britain’s cleverest cats? Perhaps your cat has some amazing skills. If so, let us know here at Time for Paws because we would love to discover a new star!


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