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Best Travel Products For Dogs

Travelling with your pets can be a challenge, but there are lots of useful travel products to help make your journey smoother. You need to make sure your dog is restrained safely while travelling and is comfortable. There are a few different options when it comes to pet travel, you can restrain your dog in a car seat or keep them behind a dog guard. It really does depend on what is easiest for you and your dog. Take a look at some of the best travel products for dogs:

Seat Belt

Use a dog seat belt to keep your pooch restrained properly in the car. They won’t be able to jump out of their seat and they will be strapped in should you need to make an emergency stop. These seat belts need to be used in conjunction with a quality harness in order to be fully effective.


These padded non-pull dog harnesses can help your dog to feel comfortable and secure in the car. They can also be used on walks if needed. Some come with a seat belt included or you can simply attach one to it.

Travel Water Bottle

Giving your dog water on the go can be awkward, but dog travel water bottles make things much more convenient. They consist of a water bottle with a fold down bowl, allowing you to give your dog water easily on the go.


If you prefer your dog to travel in the boot of your car then you can get a Dog Crates . These can be fitted into your boot and provide a safe and secure environment for your dog to travel in. With a car crate you know your dog won’t be able to distract you from driving as they cannot get out. to view our range of crates.

Car Seat Protector

All dog owners know how much a car get can damaged by a dog. Your car seats will suffer if you are constantly taking your dog on walks using your car. They will be scratch, full of hair and become dirty and muddy. It’s definitely worth investing in a car seat protector that is specifically designed to protect your car from dogs. The Ancol car seat protector is waterproof and durable, and it has special cut outs for a dog harness.

Pet Travel Pod

The pet travel pod is a different type of pet carrier. It is very easy to assemble and perfect for taking your dog on holiday or when visiting people’s houses. It has different areas you can unzip to enable good air circulation for your dog. They are lightweight and provide a comfortable rest area so that your dog can feel more relaxed while travelling.

Mesh Dog Guard

If you want to put your dog in the boot of your car while you travel then you will need to get a mesh dog guard. This is a metal guard that keeps your dog in one place and stops them from getting into the rest of the car. They also allow good ventilation while your dog is travelling in the car.


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