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Best Products For Energetic Dogs

Does your dog have an endless amount of energy? Do they play and run around all day without becoming tired? If the answer is yes then you need to stock up on some products that might help them to burn some energy. We sell a wide range of products that are specially designed for high energy dogs. Here are our top 7 products for energetic dogs:

  • Non-pull dog harness

Very energetic and boisterous dogs often pull on the lead. This can be exhausting and take a long time to correct. Get a helping hand with a non-pull dog harness. There are different types of products that can help with dogs that pull from harnesses to haltis and head collars. to see our range.

  • Dog agility products

Agility is excellent for high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. You can go to an agility club or you can do it yourself in your own home. Get some specific agility products or make an obstacle course out of things around your home. Doing five to ten minutes of agility every day should really help to calm them down and get rid of some of their pent up energy.

  • Tug of war toys

If your dog is constantly on the go then the occasional game of might help. Gripping onto a tug of war toy and pulling with all their strength can get quite tiring after a while. It’s a good toy to play with if your dog is bored or fidgety.

  • Dog calming products

There are a range of calming products available for dogs that struggle to settle. If your dog gets stressed or hyperactive very easily then some of these products could be helpful. From Adaptil calming collars to diffusers and supplements, there are plenty of products that can help high energy dogs. to view our range of calming products for dogs.

  • Ball launcher

Sometimes when you have an energetic dog throwing a ball yourself just isn’t good enough. They fetch in seconds and need it to be thrown a hundred times. Get a ball launcher and you can easily launch the ball hundreds of metres. This not only saves you energy but it makes your dog run further each time you launch the ball. to get your hands on a ball launcher

  • Chew toys

Chews Toys are another great way of keeping your dog occupied. Dogs burn a surprising amount of energy while chewing on a toy or bone for 20 minutes or so. and bones are also very good for your dog’s teeth.

  • Frisbee

Does your energetic dog destroy normal plastic frisbees? Some dogs really love frisbees but they can’t resist chewing them. Get a that’s made of durable rubber. Frisbee is a fun game for high energy dogs that gets their mind and body working.


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