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Beco bowl-Product highlight

The Beco-Bowl is a world first. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic pet bowls. Made from rice husks, a product of rice farming, the BecoBowls are extremely sustainable to manufacture as well as being entirely biodegradable when thrown away. Furthermore is has a 5-10 years life expectancy, the BecoBowl functions in just the same way as a regular pet bowl. You can even clean it in the dishwasher. Once finished with, the BecoBowl can either be sent to landfill or added to a compost heap. Dependant on the surroundings,the bowl will disintegrate in 2 to 3 years.

Becobowls are manufactured from special plant fibre material. It is this material that makes Beco bowls extra special. These bows are made from waste plant fibres they are completely sustainable and fully biodegradable when finished with.

A bowl starts life as rice husks and bamboo, which are unwanted leftover materials from farming. These materials are then ground into a fine powder with a special biodegradable resin then added. Finally this is then pressed in a hot mould; the eco friendly pet bowls are then created.

The beco-bowl has also won the award for best new pet product at the 2009 Glee Petindex New Product awards!

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