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Bakers Dog Food - What's In a Name?

What’s in a Name?

I would love to welcome a dog into my home but choosing the right time to do that can be difficult not to mention the problem of settling on the right breed. I have to consider the demands on my time and my finances and I don’t want to make a mistake. Nonetheless, I have found that I can’t help thinking about names! I suppose that ultimately it doesn’t matter what you call your dog, as long as your choice isn’t rude or embarrassing, but then names always seem important don’t they?

I was reading the Bakers dog food website this morning to learn more about the
brand. Yes I know that sounds odd but there are worse ways of spending your time! I was interested to note that the site includes a feature on dog’s names. Clearly I am not the only person pondering this issue. I now know what I would like to call my dog and I was quite pleased to see that my choices for a boy and a girl were not included. I hate trends and prefer to be different!

Bakers Dog Food Doggie Monikers

The Bakers dog food site highlights the names Alfie, Poppy, Holly, Bandit, Oscar, Lady, Dizzy, Rocky, Barney and Tiny. The latter apparently being a popular and ironic choice for Great Danes and Rottweilers! This makes me smile as it brings to mind a friend’s massive brute of a dog which would have suited Buster or Tyson but which was named Tia!

When I read Bakers’ choices I couldn’t help wondering if there is an official list of the most popular names for dogs. It turns out that there is. At first I wondered how this data could have been gathered but there is a simple explanation. The information emanates from Petplan Insurance who see the name choices when people take out insurance for their new pets.

Names for the Boys

So what are the nation’s favourite names? Well for male dogs the top picks are currently Alfie, Charlie and Max. I certainly couldn’t go for Charlie as that is my father’s name! Having said that, a good friend did bless their dog with
my name! Bakers Dog Food were right to highlight Alfie then.

For the Girls

The UK’s favourite names for female dogs are Poppy, Molly and Bella. Incidentally these are also the top choices for cats. Well at least we are consistent!

I am happy to report that I have had many pets and none of them boasted any of these names! But what am I planning to call my new dog? A dog that I haven’t even met yet and have no idea when I will! Well, if my new friend is a boy then I would love to call him Rudi for not better reason than the fact that I love the name. For a female I favour Star or Tenaya. Star because it is short, sweet and says it all and Tenaya because it is the name of the most beautiful spot I have ever seen – Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park.

Having said all that I will probably end up with a rescue dog called Alfie!


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