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Autumn Dog Products

As we sadly say goodbye to the sunshine after a lovely summer it’s time to get ready for autumn. As the new season sets in we will experience darker evenings and colder weather. Now is a good time to stock up on products for your dog to keep them comfortable through the autumn season. Here are some helpful autumn products for dogs.

Waterproof jacket

You can get waterproof to help protect them from the elements. Waterproof jackets stop your dog getting wet and cold when you are forced to go out walking in the rain. They also help to keep your dog cleaner and protect them from the wind. Some dog breeds cope pretty well in the colder seasons because they have thick coats to keep them warm. However, a few breeds are more vulnerable to the cold and don’t cope quite a well. They need a little helping hand to stay warm enough.

Cosy dog bed

Some dogs don’t like sleeping on warm, cosy beds in the summer because they get too hot. However, as the temperature starts to drop they may appreciate a nice comfy bed to snuggle up in. It’s the perfect time to get your dog a thick, warm bed for the winter. Choose from our huge selection of dog beds, to order one now.

Dog runner mat

Dogs generally have dirty paws all year round but they do tend to get worse in autumn and winter. With the arrival of more rain the ground becomes muddy and dogs can get extremely dirty on walks. You can clean them with a towel before letting them back in your house but they may still tread dirty on your carpet. For added protection get a dog runner mat to go at the entrance to your house. Dogs walk over it and it absorbs the mud and water from their feet. to order a dog runner mat.

Reflective collar

Your normal dog walks might get affected by the change in season. It will begin to get dark if you wake up early in the morning and also in the evenings the sun will go down sooner. This means you might end up having to walk your dog in the dark. A reflective collar will help you to keep an eye on your dog and make sure they can be seen. Check out our selection of

Dog Towels & Shampoo

You will probably find your dog gets dirty far quicker in the autumn and winter. This means you might have to wash them more regularly. Therefore you will need to make sure you have enough dog shampoo. to browse our dog shampoos. will also come in handy for drying your dog off after wet walks in the rain and after they have a bath.


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