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Arranging For Your Dog To Be Looked After While You're Away

Leaving your dog behind when you go away isn’t easy, but it’s more bearable if you know they will be happy where you leave them. You need to find the right place for you and your dog. Here are some helpful tips to make the process smoother.

The options

There are several options when it comes to finding somewhere to look after your dog. What you choose depends on what suits you best and where you think your dog will be happiest. The options include:

  • Home boarding - where your dog stays with someone in their house
  • Boarding kennels - where your dog stays in kennels and gets a few walks a day
  • House sitting - where someone comes and stays in your home and looks after your dog
  • Family/friends - where you leave your dog with a friend or family member
  • Daycare centre - where your dog stays at a daycare centre, although not many daycare centres offer overnight care


Prices for some of the above options can range from £10 a day to £30 a day depending on the area you live in. Some places will charge extra because they offer additional services such as grooming and training. Decide on a daily budget and contact places that are in your price range.

A lot of people forget to factor in the cost of having their dog looked after into the overall cost of their holiday. For example, if the average home boarding centre charges £20 a day, that will cost you £140 for a week’s holiday.

Plan in advance

It’s crucial that you plan in advance if you are thinking of going away and you have a dog. A lot of places get booked up months in advance, especially during the school holidays and at weekends. The last thing you want to do is have to settle for an arrangement you aren’t completely happy with because everywhere else is booked up.

Find the right person/company

Make sure you find a reputable business or person to look after your dog. You want to be safe in the knowledge that your dog will be looked after properly and will be safe. Reputable places should do the following things:

  • Have insurance
  • Insist that all dog’s vaccinations are up to date
  • At least one, ideally two walks a day
  • Have an enclosed space or garden where your dog can exercise
  • Have all the necessary equipment

Go and check out the facilities so that you know where your dog is going to stay. You can also ask for some customer reviews or a recommendation to help you feel more confident. The best thing to do is visit and trust your instincts. You will know if a place feels right for your dog.

Consider a trial

It’s definitely worth considering a trial before you go away. You don’t want to go away and then discover there is an issue or your dog is not happy. Take them for a trial for a day or overnight if possible to see how they settle and whether they get along with the other dogs and the person that is looking after them. Some dogs are not suited to daycare centres and kennels and need to be looked after by just one person.

Does your dog have any special requirements?

Talk to a few places to find out whether they can cater to your dog’s needs. If your dog has special requirements then you need to know that they will be taken care of. For example if they have a special diet, a health issue or separation problems.


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