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Are You A Cat Or Dog Person?

Are A Cat Or Dog Person?

What determines whether you become a dog or a cat person? Or perhaps you sit somewhere in between? The nation is filled with both cat and dog lovers, who each have their own reasons for adoring ne animal over the other.

Without carrying out some studies on cat and dog people, we can’t really prove why people choose one way or the other. However, we can have a guess at what sort of things might influence whether you turn out to love cats or dogs.

Your upbringing

The pets that you have around you while you are growing up obviously has a huge influence on whether you are a dog or cat person. If you have grown up with one pet, then you will be used to having them around. Your parents may have also have an influence on which pet you choose. Your family might have had dogs or cats for years, and you can’t imagine having anything else yourself.


Sometimes your friends can also have an impact on whether you are a dog person or cat person. If all your friends have dogs, and go out and walk their dogs regularly, chances are you wil want to join in the fun. It’s lovely sharing your love of animals with your close friends.

Personality traits

Some studies have shown that your personality traits can influence whether you are a cat or dog person. Cat and dog people have shown different personality traits in studies. For example, generally dog people are more extraverted and conscientious and cat people tend to be more independent and open to new experiences. According to a study by the , ‘Those who favor felines tend to be more neurotic but more open to art, experiences and unconventional beliefs.’


FInally, we also think that your lifestyle has an influence on which pet you choose. Dogs generally require a lot more commitment and time, and they need to be walked daily. Dog lovers tend to be more active, because they have to walk their dogs every day come rain or shine. It’s important to choose a pet that suits your lifestyle, as cats and dogs have very different needs. Those who want more freedom and independence will opt for a cat.


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