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Are We Too Friendly Towards Our Pets?

We have always been a nation of animal lovers but never to the extent that we are today. Pets are now firmly part of the family and are often treated in a way which causes much consternation amongst those who do not share their life with animals. But just how friendly have we become? A new survey commissioned by Lily's Kitchen pet food aimed to find out!

New Research

Researchers surveyed 2,000 pet owners and found that kissing pets, allowing them into the toilet and sharing baths with them were all common practices. A significant proportion of pet owners are going out of their way to do special things for their animals which others might fight a little strange! So, here’s the lowdown on the facts revealed by the survey.

How We Interact with Our Pets

One third of pet owners allow their animal into the toilet with them whilst a similar number bathe with their pet. A fifth of cat owners get up in the small hours to feed their feline friend and 40 per cent of dog owners allow their pooch to sleep on their bed.

Abnormal Behaviour?

Perhaps more surprising was the fact that many cat owners have asked a friend to call them when they are away from the house so that they can hear their cat purr! A quarter of pet owners admitted that they have discussed personal problems with their pooch or moggie and two thirds stated that they don’t consider such behaviour to be abnormal. Which it clearly isn’t in view of the number of people involved! 90 per cent of pet owners stated that they didn’t care what other people thought about the way they interact with their animals.

Some people may feel that kissing the dog before you leave for work is an odd thing to do. For others, this is a perfectly normal aspect of their daily routine.

Intense Relationships

The research shows that humans are engaging in far more intense relationships with animals than ever before. Pets really are part of the family and are being treated like small children. Society in general is more accepting of pets and so it is easier to take dogs to restaurants and on holiday. This trend only cements the intensity of the relationships between humans and animals.

Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Humans are programmed to respond to the large eyes and other infantile features of babies and small children. These features are common to cats and dogs and so inspire caring behaviour. Basically, we have evolved to nurture soft, helpless, clumsy and wide-eyed creatures. It should come as no surprise that our pets have wormed their way into family life.

If you have taken time off work because your pet is poorly or you have read books to your dog recently, you are not alone! Those without animals may find you odd but your fellow animal lovers won’t be at all surprised to receive a Christmas card from your dog!

What crazy things do you do for your animals?



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