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Are We Ignoring Our Dogs Because Of Mobile Phones?

Are We Ignoring Our Dogs Because Of Mobile Phones?

It’s not unusual to see couples out for dinner, both on their mobile phones or friends out for lunch who are all busy checking their smartphones. We are a smartphone generation, and it seems that a lot of people nowadays spend far too much time on their phones. Do we stop to think what sort of impact this has on our dogs?

When you are next out walking your dog in the dog park, pay attention to other owners. You might just see someone walking their dog whilst texting, or on the phone. Dogs have a few key pleasures each day, one of which is going on a walk. This might be the only time in the day when they have your full attention, and you can spend some quality time together. However, some people just can’t switch off from their phones, even when out walking the dog.

Many owners say they would like to do more training, to play with their dog more and give them more attention in general, but complain because they are too busy. Then some owners spend the time they could be interacting with their dog on their phone. More dogs these days are probably becoming bored and frustrated, because their owners would rather browse through their Facebook newsfeed than play with their dog.

The next time you are on your phone and your dog is sat in front of you, put it down and spend some time with them instead. This is a much better use of your time. It will improve your bond with your dog and also get you some much needed time away from your smartphone. When you take your dog out for a walk, put your phone on silent and just concentrate on them. It will also enable you to switch off properly rather than worrying about who might be calling or texting you.

Some dog owners will also be on their phones whilst their dog runs loose in the park. When your dog is off the lead, you need to keep an eye on them at all times. You should have complete control over your dog off lead, and you can’t do that if you are texting on your phone. A lot of dog owners fail to pick up after their dog because they are on their phone and don’t see their dog go to the toilet. Not seeing your dog go to the toilet is not an excuse, you should be watching them constantly.
We might see more behavioural problems in dogs as people become more addicted to their phones. Some dogs aren’t getting the attention they need, and will become frustrated and bored, which will cause them to act out. What do you think? Have you see this happening with other dog owners? Do you need to put your phone down and focus more on your dog? Share your comments and opinions with us below.


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