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Are rabbits good pets? 6 Reasons Why They Are Perfect Pets

What’s your idea of the perfect pet? Are they affectionate? Do they enjoy long cuddles with you on the sofa? What about playfulness? Do you picture endless laughs over their mischievous personality? If so, your perfect pet could well be a dog, cat, or the best of both - a bushy-tailed little rabbit! Rabbits have all the silliness of a puppy and the independence of a cat.


Here are 6 reasons why rabbits are the best pets:

1. Boundless Personality

Those who have never owned a rabbit before might not realise how playful and captivating they can be. These furry companions have a dramatic way of expressing themselves. Ever seen a rabbit ‘binky’? You’ll know it when you see it! They’ll bunny hop into the air, often performing 180-degree leaps as they twist their little bodies back around in utter delight. Rabbits do this naturally out of pure joy – so it means you’re doing something right!

2. Precious Companionship

Like cats and dogs, rabbits will get to know you well. They will recognise your voice and even come to you if you teach them to. Rabbits often follow their owners from one room to another, and some will even jump right up onto your lap. These bundles of fur provide wonderful companionship. What could be better than cosying up to a good book or film while your little chap nods off by your side?

3. Easy To Train

Did you know you can train your rabbit to respond to its name? Yes - just like a dog! Reward your bunny with extra special treats when they perform the desired behaviour. They’ll be jumping through hoops in no time - quite literally. You can train a rabbit to retrieve items, run through mazes and perform all kinds of tricks. Most people never realise how clever these twitchy-nosed critters can be.

4. Long-Lifespan

Rabbits can live as long as dogs, reaching 12 years or longer - that’s as long a Golden Retriever or Labrador! So you can enjoy a long and happy life with a rabbit. Your bunny will live its longest life if you encourage plenty of exercise and play. Your little buddy won’t be as vocal as a dog, so make sure to check their fur and tail every day for signs of illness or injury.

5. Apartment-Friendly

If you want all the companionship without any of the bark, a bunny is your best bet. You won’t have to worry about cranky neighbours filing noise complaints. Rabbits are very quiet and make little to no noise at all. They also don’t need long-walks or loads of space. As long as you provide them with a couple of hours of exercise outside of their cage, they will be more than happy.

6. Clean

Best of all – your bunny can be litter box trained like a cat! Rabbits are very clean animals and will groom themselves frequently. You can help keep your bunny in tiptop shape with regular brushing - also great for building your bond.

Hip-Hop Hooray for the rabbit!


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