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Are Dog Fitness Trackers a Worthy Investment?

Losing a pet is always a harrowing experience and your pet may never be found, even if they have been fitted with a microchip. You could have to go through the soul destroying task of knocking on doors and printing posters in the hope of recovering your furry friend. But new technology could change all that. Fitted with a tracker, your pet’s whereabouts can be viewed via an app on your mobile phone.

Smart Collars

Smart collars feature built in GPS trackers which enable you to view your pet’s precise location on your mobile. If your dog runs off when you are out walking, escapes from your home or otherwise ends up where they shouldn’t be, you can locate them in seconds. The device will alert you if your animal strays beyond any boundaries which you have pre-set and you can track the movements of your pet if you are concerned about the performance of your dog minder or walker.

Monitoring Exercise

A pet tracker will mean that you can keep an eye on how much exercise your pet is really getting which will help you to keep them in the best of health and at the ideal weight. The device could provide the motivation you need to take better care of your pet. With Fitbark you can even sync your pet’s device with your own fitness tracker and also compare results with other animals of the same breed.

So, a pet tracker sounds like a fabulous idea, but are their potential downsides to this technology?

A False Sense of Security

It is possible that pet trackers could lull owners into a false sense of security and encourage them to leave their animals alone for longer. This would not be beneficial for the pets, even if their location can be tracked. Taking care of an animal is not just a matter of ensuring that they are where they are supposed to be.

Pet tech and Contemporary Life

Pet trackers would be counter-productive if they simply make it more acceptable for owners to spend less time with their animals. Pet tech is a growing market and likely to play an increasing role in everyday life but should never replace one to one interaction with animals. It is a useful addition to your life for the times when you are forced to leave your pet unattended or with others but should never be viewed as a replacement for your presence.

In addition, pets may feel uncomfortable wearing the device, at least in the early days. Most will soon get used to the collars but there will be a period of acclimatisation. It should also be noted that the devices might not prove useful if your pet is stolen as the collar can be removed.


Used in the right way, pet trackers are useful devices which could enhance pet heath and safety whilst giving owners greater peace of mind. But they do present temptation. It could seem more acceptable to leave your pet unattended so the trackers must be used advisedly.


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