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Amazing Rabbit Facts

As a nation, we first fell in love with Peter Rabbit and his bunny friends. When the day came that we got to hold one of the little cuddly creatures for the first time, we fell hard. Those tiny noses and baby soft ears would leave anyone obsessed.

But how good is your rabbit trivia? Do you know everything there is to know about Flopsy and her herd?

Here are 10 amazing facts about rabbits that will make you love them even more:

  1. Rabbits have a big appetite

And don’t we all? Though the particular craving here is hay, our rabbits consume an awful lot to keep their tummies happy and healthy. Is there anything cuter than those tiny teeth nibbling?

  1. They’re not actually rodents

In fact, the technical name for a rabbit’s species is a lagomorph, which comes from Ancient Greece and roughly means “hare form”. Even if the idea of rabbits roaming Roman roads doesn't make you giggle, you’ll love having this fun fact handy to impress your animal-loving friends.

  1. Toilet training is totally possible

Despite their reputation, rabbits can be taught how to use a litter box, just like your kitten. So, dispel those rumours that rabbits are unclean and be proud of your super- smart, well-behaved fur baby. They can even learn their names and do a few tricks! What a good bunny!

  1. Baby bunnies need cuddles to survive

Did you know that newborn bunnies are born without any fur at all? This means that not only do they need extra love and care, but cuddles are a necessity to keep them warm. What's more, these baby bunnies are actually called kittens, awwww!

  1. Little bunnies can really jump for joy

Despite some rabbits being adorably small, it doesn’t stop them from doing some really impressive hops and jumps. Apparently, a small bunny can still jump up to a whopping three feet high –can humans even do that?

  1. Flopsy gets excited too

Don’t think that it’s just your beloved dog Fido who gets excited. Flopsy can literally jump for joy, giving that phrase a very real meaning.  This is known as a behaviour called ‘binky’. Those acrobatics are not just for show, they’re the sign of one happy bunny.

  1. Mummy rabbits get nesting fever

When an expectant female rabbit is preparing her little nest for the forthcoming additions to her family, she will actually pluck out some of her fur to make the bedding much warmer for her babies. Now that is a true sacrifice and the sign of a good mum-to-be.

  1. They have supersonic hearing powers

Bunnies have a cool ability to turn their ears around a whole 180 degrees.This means they can listen really carefully and pinpoint where sounds are coming from! Wouldn’t that come in useful when Mr Tod the fox is on the prowl...

  1. Their eyesight is probably better than yours

Despite baby bunnies being born with their eyes shut, when they’re fully grown, they have a vision scope of 360 degrees, meaning they are aware of their surroundings. Between their eyesight and their hearing powers, they put your mother’s ‘see all, hear all’ abilities to shame.

  1. Bunnies purr just like cats

While the sound of a bunny purring is entirely different from a cat’s version, the little noises they make with their teeth are pretty darn sweet. As if anything could make rabbits any more adorable!


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