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Am I Loving My Dog Too Much?

Am I Loving My Dog Too Much

Some dog owners love their dogs more than life itself. This amazing bond and fondness for their best friend is not a bad thing. You can love your dog as much as you want, but you need to make remember that they are a dog, and not human.

Dogs have filled a special place in our lives, so we reward them with love and kindness. However, they still need rules, boundaries and an owner that’s in charge. You probably know if you love your dog too much, but you find it hard to change your habits.

There are some things we can do that might seem to come from a place of love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are doing what’s best for our pooches. Here are some things that you might do if you love your dog too much:

Overfeeding them - this may seem kind but it is essentially making your dog uncomfortable and shortening their life. We all like to give your dogs some tasty treats every now and then, but you need to draw the line. Weigh your dog regularly and monitor how many treats they get.

Letting them do whatever they want - there’s no harm in letting your dog on the sofa every once in a while. However, if you let your dog do whatever they want with no boundaries, they may develop some serious behavioural issues. They need to know what they can and can’t do.

Buying them too much - we all want to pamper our pooches, but pampering can definitely go too far. If your dog has it’s own house complete with a butler and room service then you might be spoiling them too much.

Letting them get away with things because they are cute - those puppy dog eyes are certainly difficult to resist. When your dog does something bad, and they look up at you like they can do no wrong, try not to let them off. Don’t give your dog attention when they have been naughty or you will make their behaviour even worse.

Treating them as a human - dogs should be seen as animals, not humans. We often humanise our dogs because they are a part of our family. Letting them do human things certainly won’t help their behaviour. They should be allowed to act and behave like dogs.


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